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Adorable Disney Inspired Face Masks

Adorable Disney Inspired Face Masks

We get that all the changes in the last few months have been hard to adjust to. It’s been a process for us too! So why not try to make the best and bring a little magic to the situation? In comes, some of these adorable Disney inspired face masks we have found over on TeePublic.

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For each design, there are two mask styles! The new “Basic” face mask features sublimated layers of polyester and spandex with a black contrast border and wider ear loops. This is in addition to our previous “Double Layer” mask option. This option has been automatically activated on designs that already had the Double Layer mask option turned on.

Masks sold on TeePublic are for general public use only. They are not intended for use in medical settings and are not designed to prevent transmission of disease. 

Another plus of shopping with TeePublic is your doing a little good. For every fabric mask purchased, TeePublic will donate one FDA-approved surgical mask to Direct Relief to benefit frontline healthcare facilities in need. For more information about Direct Relief and TeePublic’s donation, check out TeePublic’s blog.

IMPORTANT – if you get an “out of stock” message, encourage them to check back again the following morning. Both masks have daily stock limits as dictated by our suppliers. At the moment, here’s how it works: If only one mask style hits the daily limit, it gets removed from the dropdown menu as a buying option. When BOTH mask styles have sold out for the day, they both appear in the dropdown menu, but “out of stock” messaging will prominently appear. This may change in the future, but for now, don’t be alarmed if one mask type seems to disappear.

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Headband Hair Don’t Care Mask
Adorable Disney Inspired Face Masks 9

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Premium Ear Ice Cream Mask

Adorable Disney Inspired Face Masks 10

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Tiki Juice Bar Mask

Adorable Disney Inspired Face Masks 11

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