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50 of the Best Encanto Quotes: PLUS Possible plans to Bring Encanto into Disney World!

50 of the Best Encanto Quotes: PLUS Possible plans to Bring Encanto into Disney World!

Disney’s movie Encanto took the world by storm in 2021, coming in hot with deep story lines, beautiful animation and amazing music like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. Well, we’re going to talk about Bruno! This movie is an amazing film to add to Disney’s Animated line up.

Fans, this article is for you. Let’s get all of the details out about the movie, plus we’ll talk about plans where Disney might actually bring Encanto to life in Walt Disney World.

What is Encanto?

Encanto is a 2021 American computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. The movie tells the story of the Madrigal family, who live in a magical house named “Casita”. Each family member possesses a unique power that allows them to contribute to the well-being of their community, but the youngest member, Mirabel, seems to have no powers at all.

The movie explores themes of family, identity, and the pressure to live up to expectations. Mirabel struggles with feeling left out and not measuring up to her siblings, who all have impressive powers. However, when the magic of the family’s home, Encanto, starts to fade, Mirabel becomes the key to saving their community and discovers her own strength and value in the process.

The film features an all-Latinx cast, including Stephanie Beatriz as Mirabel, Lin-Manuel Miranda as the composer and voice of the character Mirabel’s cousin, and Gloria Estefan as the voice of Mirabel’s grandmother. The music, composed by Miranda, is a blend of Colombian rhythms and contemporary pop, and includes the Oscar-nominated song “Dos Oruguitas.”

Encanto received critical acclaim for its storytelling, animation, music, and representation of Latinx culture. It has been praised for its celebration of diversity and for highlighting the importance of family and community. The movie has been a commercial success, grossing over $255 million worldwide.

Where does Encanto Take Place?

Disney’s Encanto takes place in Colombia, a country located in the northwest of South America. The story is set in a fictional village in the mountains of Colombia, where the Madrigal family lives in a magical house called Casita.

 The movie beautifully portrays the landscapes, culture, and traditions of Colombia, including the vibrant colors, music, and food. The characters often speak in Spanish, and the music features a blend of Colombian rhythms and contemporary pop, showcasing the richness of Latin American culture.

 Encanto is a celebration of diversity and representation, and the film has been praised for its respectful and accurate portrayal of Colombia and Latin American culture. The movie provides an opportunity for viewers to learn about a different part of the world and to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of Colombian culture.

Who are the Main Characters in Encanto and What are Their Gifts?

1.   Mirabel

(David Roark, Photographer)

The protagonist of the story, Mirabel is the only member of the Madrigal family without a magical gift. However, she is resourceful and determined, and discovers her own strength and value throughout the course of the film.

2.   Abuela Alma

The matriarch of the Madrigal family, Abuela Alma’s gift is to provide the magic that sustains their community and their home.

3.   Isabela

50 of the Best Encanto Quotes: PLUS Possible plans to Bring Encanto into Disney World! 4

 Mirabel’s sister, Isabela’s gift is that she can instantly grow flowers anywhere and everywhere. Her gift (and curse) is perfection.

4.   Luisa

Mirabel’s other older sister, Luisa’s gift is superhuman strength.

5.   Bruno

Bruno is Mirabel’s uncle. Yes, that one, the one we don’t talk about. His power is premonition.

6.   Antonio

50 of the Best Encanto Quotes: PLUS Possible plans to Bring Encanto into Disney World! 5

Mirabel’s younger cousin, Antonio’s gift is the ability to talk to animals.

7.   Carmen

Mirabel’s cousin, Carmen’s gift is the ability to shape shift. We love how in the opening number he shows up beside a tired mother with a baby and he shapeshifts into the mother and hands the real mother a pillow to take a nap.

8.   Dolores

 Mirabel’s cousin, Dolores’ gift is the ability to hear even the slightest sounds from amazing distances

All of these gifts play a significant role in the story of Encanto, as the Madrigal family relies on their powers to sustain their community and their home.

What Songs are Featured in Encanto?

Disney’s Encanto features a collection of original songs written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also served as the film’s executive producer. The soundtrack is a blend of contemporary pop and traditional Colombian rhythms, and includes the following songs:

  1. “Surface Pressure” – A song about how even the strongest people can crack under the pressure
  2. “The Family Madrigal” – A song that highlights each family member’s unique gift and personality.
  3. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” – A catchy, upbeat song about a mysterious family member, Bruno, who is seldom talked about.
  4. “Dos Oruguitas” – A lullaby sung by Abuela Alma to her grandchildren.
  5. “Waiting on a Miracle” – A song about Mirabel’s struggles with feeling left out and not measuring up to her siblings.
  6. “No Soy Yo” – A song about identity and the pressure to live up to expectations.
  7. “All of You” – A song about the importance of family and community.
  8. “The World Is My Family” – A celebratory song that brings the film to a close.

Where Can You Watch Encanto?

Encanto and a new Encanto Sing-Along version of the movie can be found on Disney+. Now you and the whole family can belt out with the Familia Madrigal!

50 Encanto Quotes

We’re going to hook you up with a full list of great Encanto quotes for your next Disney movie night! Break out the popcorn and the snacks, it’s time to talk about Bruno!

1.      “Welcome to the Family Madrigal.”

2.     In our darkest moment we were given a miracle. – Abuela

3.     Many years ago, this candle blessed our family with a miracle. – Abuela

4.     Our house, our casita, came to life with magic! – Abuela

5.     Hola, Casita! -Mirabel

6.     Casita, help me out! Drawers, Floors, Doors! – Mirabel

7.     Whew- make your family proud! – Mirabel

8.     I used to say my real gift is “acting”! – Bruno

9.     In time, every member of our family was given their own magical gift. – Abuela

10.  Uh huh, uh huh. I understand you! – Antonio, Encanto Movie Quotes

11.  The donkeys got out again. – Man; On it! – Luisa

12.  But Mama, why am I the only one that didn’t get a gift? – Mirabel

13.  You’re just as special as anyone else in this family. – Julieta

14.  The magic is in danger. We got to get out of here. – Felix quotes from Encanto

15.  We must protect our home. We must protect our family. – Abuela

16.  I feel like I missed something… – Bruo

17.  Mirabel, the fate of the family is gonna come down to you. – Bruno

18.  Let me help you. The rats told me everything. Don’t eat those. – Antonio

19.  Sometimes family weirdos get a bad rap. – Mirabel

20.  Even in our darkest moments, there’s light where you least expect it. – Mirabel

21.  This is my chance. I will save the miracle. Wait. How do I save the miracle? – Mirabel

22.  I’m losing my gift! – Luisa

Annndd… that’s why coffee is for grownups! – Mirabel quotes from Encanto

24.  What’s your gift? – girl
Oh, Mirabel didn’t get one. – Dolores

25.  Quitter! – Mirabel

26.  Gift or no gift, I’m just as special as the rest of my family. – Mirabel
Maybe your gift is being in denial. – Cecilia

27.  I gave you the special since you’re the only Madrigal kid with no gift. I call it the ‘not special’ special. Since, uh, you have no gift. – Donkey delivery man
Uh, thanks? – Mirabel

28.  Last gift ceremony was a bummer- last one being yours. – Donkey Man

29.  Did someone say flowers? Please… don’t clap. – Isabella

30.  I can’t. – Mirabel
I need you! – Antonio

31.  The Magic is strong- and so are the drinks! – Abuela

32.  Open my eyes. If the magic is here, help me save the miracle.- Abuela

33.  And Luisa- I heard her eye twitching all night. – Dolores

34.  Bruno, your room is the WORST! – Mirabel

35.  My gift wasn’t helping the family, but I love my family. – Bruno

36.  “You’re Exactly What This Family Needs. You Just Need To See It.”

37.  “You’re Exactly What This Family Needs. You Just Need To See It.”

38.  “If I Could Shake The Crushing Weight Of Expectations Would That Free Some Room Up For Joy Or Relaxation, Or Simple Pleasure?”

39.  “Open My Eyes. If The Magic Is Here, Help Me Save The Miracle.”

40.  “The Miracle Is Not Some Magic That You’ve Got – The Miracle Is You.”

41.  “I’m Tired Of Perfect, I Want Real.”

42.   “If you weren’t always trying so hard, you wouldn’t be in the way.” – Isabela

43.   “Surrounded by the exceptional, it’s easy to feel unexceptional.”

44.  “I wanna feel the shiver of something new.”

45.   “Wonders surround you – just let the walls come down.”

46.  “You Can’t Hurry The Future.”

47.  Mirabel: “Sometimes family weirdos just get a bad rap.”

48.  Mirabel: “What’s hurting the magic? …Me.”

49. Whoa- a lot of stairs, but at least I’ll have a friend. No, he flew away immediately. – Mirabel

50. “We don’t talk about Bruno!”

BONUS: Possible Encanto Area Coming to Disney World!

In late 2023 at the D23 Summit, Disney announced some of its latest Blue Sky Development projects. Blue Sky Projects are typically projects where Imagineers are currently working on mock ups, market analysis, budgets, etc. but there is no official approval.

Among many new park additions and expansions mentioned for Walt Disney World, Disney announced the possibility of bringing an area devoted to Encanto into the Magic Kingdom!

This section would be in a newly expanded section over by the former Splash Mountain and the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

There was no talk about what the area would entail. Disney keeps pretty hush-hush on projects until they are fully set in motion, but we could expect that if this project were to become a reality, there would be lots of color, vibrant music, and Casita! Hmmm, maybe a walkthrough fun house?

We’ll keep you updated after the next D23 expo!

What is D23?

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