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Weird Disney World Activities You Had No Idea About

Weird Disney World Activities You Had No Idea About

Walt Disney World is the largest and most popular family destination on Earth. It’s well known for the four theme parks on the property along with its many resorts, water parks, restaurants and other forms of entertainment. However, that’s not to say there aren’t some weird Disney World activities. Some of the things you can do on a Disney vacation are very unique and unusual. Here are some of the strange things you can do the next time you go to Walt Disney World.

Get a Haircut

You don’t have to rush out to get your haircut before you go on your Walt Disney World vacation. You can do it while you are there. Harmony Barber Shop is an old fashioned barber in Town Square at the Magic Kingdom. This is an especially good place to take your child for their first haircut. They will receive a certificate and a pair of Mickey Mouse Ears to commemorate the occasion.

Year-Round Tree Trimming

Weird Disney World Activities You Had No Idea About 2

Walt Disney World is home to three year-round Christmas stores. One such store is in Liberty Square at the Magic Kingdom. As you can imagine, the store is full of decorated Christmas trees. What you may not know is each morning, the first guests in the store get to trim a tree. It’s a unique contribution that will be on display for the full day.

The second is over at Disney Springs! It’s called Disney’s Days of Christmas and is located in the Marketplace section over by the Rainforest Cafe area. And lastly, you will find It’s a Wonderful shop over in the Muppets Courtyard at Hollywood Studios.

Take a Car into the Water

Weird Disney World Activities You Had No Idea About 3

At Disney Springs there are all kinds of unusual things to do. Nothing is weirder than taking a classic car for a spin on the Sassagoula River. The Boathouse Restaurant on the landing has amphicars that do just that. The cars drive right onto the water and cruise around for unique views of Disney Springs.

Swim with Sharks

There are all kinds of experiences you can have at Walt Disney World, but one of the most unusual things in this landlocked destination is swimming with sharks, rays, sea turtles and other marine life. To do this, you must book a tour at the Seas with Nemo and Friends. There is a tour exclusively for SCUBA certified divers and a general snorkeling tour that anyone can take. Either way, you get to explore the aquarium and interact with the fish inside the water.

Go on a Fishing Expedition

Another weird thing you can do at Walt Disney World is going fishing. You can rent time on a boat and go catch and release fishing in stocked lakes. It’s a fun and relaxing way to spend the afternoon, made even more special by the breathtaking surroundings of Walt Disney World. If you don’t want to rent the boat and the guide, you can go to the Fishin’ Hole at Port Orleans Riverside.

Learn Archery

Another Disney world activity you can experience on vacation is learning how to use a bow and arrow. Fort Wilderness has archery training as one of its many resort activities. You can have a guide to teach you how to use the equipment before getting in some target practice. As with all guided Disney experiences, you should make reservations in advance, to make sure the activity is available when you get there.

Learn How to Surf

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Again, the resort is landlocked, but that won’t impact the opportunity for more unique Disney World activities like surfing lessons. The wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon is just another way Disney Magic makes the impossible possible. Before the water park opens, Disney offers guests a guided experience and an opportunity to hang ten with an included continental breakfast. Even weirder is that surfing was actually one of the originally planned activities for Walt Disney World nearly 50 years ago. The wave machines off the shore of the Polynesian Village had to be shut down soon after opening because they were causing the sandy beach to erode.

Explore the Wilderness By Segway

Another unique Fort Wilderness experience is one of the most bizarre weird Disney World activities you can participate in. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it, or a lot of fun. You can explore the trails of Fort Wilderness a number of ways, but one guided experience lets you take a Segway X2 out for a spin on the uneven paths of the wild. The Segways are all-terrain vehicles and you’ll have a chance to get used to it before heading out on the trail.

Buy a House

When thinking about weird things to do at Walt Disney World, one of the strangest things to try and wrap your head around is that you can actually buy a home. How many times have you been on a Walt Disney World vacation and thought to yourself, “I wish I could live here”? Now, that is totally possible if you have millions of dollars to spend on a Walt Disney World home. Golden Oak is a community near the Magic Kingdom that brings Walt Disney’s original vision of a city of tomorrow closer to reality. You have a house designed by Disney Imagineers and access to Disney service staff including housekeeping and chefs.

Get a 360 Birds-Eye-View of Disney World

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If you don’t want to live there, at least you can get a good look at the entirety of Walt Disney World from up in the air. The Aerophile helium Balloon at Disney Springs will give you a 360-degree view of up to ten miles away. You can see everything in Walt Disney World from the sky and take some phenomenal pictures.