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Uncovered: Secret Places at Disney World

Uncovered: Secret Places at Disney World

Ever wonder if there are secret places at Disney World you had no idea about? Given the massive size of the show that Disney World puts on for its guests every single day you probably won’t know about every secret place, we have below.


Did you know there is a tunnel system right underneath you at the Magic Kingdom? Well, technically it’s more like you are on the second floor and there is a secret first floor beneath you. Since ya know, basements aren’t really possible here in Florida.

So why have the Ultidors? This system allows for Cast Members to get where they need to go without looking out of place walking to their jobs in a different land. This was something that always bugged Walt Disney in Disneyland so he wanted to fix this issue here in his new Florida park.

Surprisingly, lots of things take place in this tunnel system. It’s not just filled with Cast heading to their positions for the day. It holds a fancy trash removal system. As well as food service and delivery system too.

Cinderella Castle Suite

Inside the majestic Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom is actually one guest room. You can’t just book a night stay here though, unfortunately. It’s a place few get to stay and it’s by invitation only.

If you want to get the full experience I highly recommend checking out this video from one of my favorites on YouTube, The Bucket List Family. Warning, the video below may make you tear with joy.

Club 33

Uncovered: Secret Places at Disney World 2

Have an extra $30,000 laying around? Congrats! You could join an exclusive Disney club! The initial price to join Club 33 is just a cool $33,000. And then be ready for the $15,00 annual membership fee.

There is actually a special Club 33 location at each of the four parks in Disney World as well as both parks at Disneyland Resort. Each venue is uniquely themed to represent Walt and Lillian’s adventures around the world.

So where are the Club 33 lounges hidden at Disney World? Whene you are in the parks you will want to look for a MagicBand touchpoint marked with a 33 inside a compass. This is the tall tale sign that you have found Club 33.

The Magic Kingdom location, Captains Quarters, is found near the entrance to AdventurelandThe EPCOT location is on the upper floor of the American Adventure Pavilion. If you are a Disney Visa cardholder this used to be the lounge you could use during festivals. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, members can go to the Spotlight Lounge located above The Brown Derby restaurant. And lastly, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Harambe House. This spot can be found just past the Lion King Show on your way to Pandora.

Make a Wish

I will say that this is probably the least secretive out of everything on this list. However, I feel like it’s a perfect photo moment that many miss at the Magic Kingdom. To the right of Cinderella’s Castle is a wishing well that has stunning castle views.

It’s a great place to stop and make a wish while you are in the park. Plus a good to know fact is all the coins collected out of the well are actually donated to children’s charities.

Phone a Friend

Ever notice a pay phone on Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom? If not you can find it just outside the hat shop. Go ahead and pick up the phone and listen in. You will hear some of your favorite Disney characters having a conversation.

Picnic with Animals

Safari truck Kilimanjaro Safari

Tours are one of my favorite extra special things to do at Disney World. Especially when you get special opportunities like a chance to dine with the animals of Kilimanjaro Safaris.

Take a journey on the Wild Africa Trek and get up close and personal with some of your favorite safari animals. Towards the end of your tour you will get a chance to dine out on the savannah and soak in the animals walking by.

Golden Oak

Okay, so this one may not be as secret, but a lot of people don’t realize there is a whole community of homes on Walt Disney World Property. It’s pretty special if you get to call Golden Oak home. Surrounding the Four Seasons resort these custom-built single-family homes start in the mid $2 million dollar range!

If you want to see what it’s like to live in Disney luxury schedule a meal at Ravello. When you drive into the Four Seasons to your meal you will see the gated sprawling neighborhoods all the way up to the entrance.

Conclusion on Secret Disney Spots

So that wraps up our list of top secret Disney World locations. Let us know in the comments below if we uncovered any you didn’t know about. Or even if you are Disney expert and knew about all these hidden gems at the Disney World Resort.