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The Ultimate Disney Bucket List

The Ultimate Disney Bucket List

As a life-long Disney fan, you build up a list in your mind of all these Disney goals you would like to achieve. Basically, it’s one giant bucket list of Disney things to do. I think for me it all started when I was a kid. As a kid, my family and I would make an annual pilgrimage to the Disney parks and each trip we would try to accomplish what we dubbed a “Disney First.”

This was basically just going out of our way every trip to do something at Disney we had never done before. On our long journey back home each year, (FL to NH = Long Drive) we would all try to come up with the longest list possible of Disney firsts we accomplished that trip. I think it added a little extra excitement and competition to each trip which is why we kept doing it year after year. Now many years and Disney trips later, I am finally putting my Disney bucket list down on paper so to speak.

Here is my Disney Bucket List

Stay One Night in Cinderella’s Castle

The inside of the Cinderella Castle Suite. Copyright Disney.

This is a tricky one to accomplish these days. Unfortunately, you can’t just book your next Walt Disney World stay in the Cinderella suite. The suite was originally built as a place for Walt and his family to stay in. Sadly, Walt passed before the park was completed and never got to stay in the suite.

Since the completion of the Magic Kingdom, the suite has sat empty, used mostly as a storage area. That all changed with The Year of A Million Dreams in 2007 during which a one night stay was given away to a lucky guest every night. Since the end of The Year of A Million Dreams campaign, Disney has only occasionally given away a one night stay.

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One Day with a VIP Tour Guide

Walt Disney World VIP Tours – Copyright Disney.

Who wouldn’t want to experience the parks like the stars do? You get to have a personal tour guide take them through the parks, skipping the lines and getting exclusive access. To me, it sounds like the ultimate dream fast pass! VIP tours will set you back anywhere from $450-600 per hour, but for all the perks it’s worth it! You can have up to 10 people in your group and there is a 7-hour minimum.

Chef’s Table at Victoria & Alberts

The Ultimate Disney Bucket List 3

This is considered to be the finest dining you can eat at the Walt Disney World Resort. The Chef’s Table at Victoria and Alberts is located inside of the Grand Floridan. You will get to delight in a tailored 10-course degustation menu. During the approximate 3-hour meal, you get special treatment as the chef serves up tidbits, tastings, catering to your preferences. Get ready to save up your pennies because the prix fixe menu begins at $250.00 per guest and if you wish to add wine pairings from $105.00 per guest.

Visit Every Disney Park Drink Around the World

The Ultimate Disney Bucket List 4

With six park locations around the world, this is no easy feat. Visiting all six parks requires you to stop in 4 countries, so get that passport ready! You have Disney World and Disneyland here in the United States. Over in Europe is Disneyland Paris, in none other than France. Then there is Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. China has two Disneylands, one in Hong Kong and the other in Shanghai.

Cupcake Meals

The Ultimate Disney Bucket List 5

Have you ever wanted to have a cupcake at every meal? Well at Walt Disney World…it’s possible! The goal is to have a cupcake at breakfast, lunch, and dinner:) Why? Why not!

Carriage Ride at Port Orleans

disney world horse carriage rides

What could be more romantic than taking a horse-drawn carriage ride with your special someone? You have two options to pick from. You can ride through the scenic Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground, or travel along the river banks of Port Orleans – Riverside. During the Christmas time, they even offer special sleigh rides. Prices range from $45.00-$79.00 a person.

Dine with an Imagineer

The entryway awning to The Hollywood Brown Derby
Hollywood Brown Derby – Copyright Disney

I have been trying to book this one for years now with no success. Disney offers up an exclusive opportunity to dine with an Imagineer at the Hollywood Brown Derby or Cítricos. Imagineers are the brains that helped create the Disney theme parks around the world and getting to dine with is a chance to hear all those behind the scenes stories. The cost per person is $60 and restricted to guest ages 10 and up.

Complete Entire Collection of Behind the Scenes Tours

At the Walt Disney Resort, they actually offer quite a wide selection of tours compared to their other resorts. The selections are always changing so be sure to check here to see the latest. At the time of this writing, you can pick from over 18 different tours!

Tour Guide on Behind the Seeds Tour

The tours range in audiences, some are meant for small kids and others are for adults only. Some of my favorite tours are the holiday ones, going to the backstage Christmas warehouse was just absolutely magical. They also give you a few tips on how to create your very own Disney Christmas at home.

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Sail on Every Disney Cruise Ship

The Ultimate Disney Bucket List 6

Once you take your first Disney cruise I would be willing to bet you are gonna be hooked and want to go back year after year! Plus there is that quest that quickly is created to reach Pearl status by having sailed on a Disney Cruise 25 times, whew that’s a lot of vacations!

In total, there are five Disney Cruiseline ships, with two more on the way! We have Magic, Wonder, Dream, Fantasy, Wish and then the Treasure set sail in December of 2024.

Become a DVC Member

The Ultimate Disney Bucket List 7

The Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is a unique vacation ownership program offered by Disney. It allows members to purchase points that can be used to book stays at Disney Vacation Club Resorts or other affiliated resorts worldwide. These memberships provide flexibility, as members can choose when, where, and how long they want to stay, depending on the number of points they have.

The real appeal is that DVC members also enjoy various member-exclusive benefits, such as early booking opportunities, access to special events, and discounts on Disney experiences. This program is ideal for those who love Disney vacations and want to enjoy them for years to come, as it offers a way to secure future vacations at Disney destinations while potentially saving money in the long run.

Disney Family Museum in San Fransisco

The Walt Disney Family Museum, located in San Francisco, is a captivating institution dedicated to preserving the legacy and creative genius of Walt Disney, the visionary behind the world-famous Disney brand. This museum offers visitors a comprehensive journey through Walt’s life, from his early days in animation and the creation of iconic characters like Mickey Mouse to his groundbreaking innovations in film and theme park design.

It houses an impressive collection of artifacts, original drawings, multimedia exhibits, and personal mementos that provide unique insights into the man behind the magic. The museum also showcases Walt Disney’s enduring impact on the entertainment industry and his dedication to storytelling and innovation. Situated in the beautiful Presidio of San Francisco, the Walt Disney Family Museum is a must-visit destination for Disney enthusiasts, animation aficionados, and anyone interested in the life and legacy of a true American visionary.

Conclusion on Making a Disney Bucket List

What is on your Disney bucket list? Share with us below in the comments or on social media! We can’t wait to hear from you all.