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The Lost Bros

The Lost Bros

The Lost Bros, a brand and company many Disney fans know all about. I recently attended The Kingdom Classic Event (an annual event hosted by The Lost Bros) and I learned even more about the popular brand. I enjoyed themed drinks, live music, a variety of Disney merchandise, vendor booths, and much more. I thought I knew all there was to know about the brand but the event taught me even more. My favorite thing I “learned” was how much this brand supports many other companies and small businesses just alike. At their event there were 10+ other small businesses selling Disney merchandise; to see them all supporting one another was a bit joyful. Each company offered something slightly different than the other but seeing them all come together as one unit that loves all things Disney pushed me to give even more attention to The Lost Bros merchandise. It takes one extra step to turn someone into a supporter and The Lost Bros do just that. 

Who is Behind the Lost Bros Trading Co

The Lost Bros Trading Co. consists of two brothers Cody and Colton that happen to be avid theme park goers that document their park adventures with perfection! They have created a brand that you can easily recognize (Cody’s food reviews might be my favorite thing they do on social media). Their online presence and personality show through on social media and will quickly pull you into all things Lost Bros once you give them a follow. You can find them on Instagram here. Once you get to see their fun theme park enthusiasts personalities it won’t take you long to hop over to their shop to see their branding and unique merchandise. When it comes to developing a brand and consistently presenting new unique material The Lost Bros have it figured it. 

The Merchandise of the Lost Bros

You’ll find some epic theme park tees, unique accessories, and fun music on their site. The merchandise includes theme park features, specific movie features, theme park food, and much more. They think outside of the box and take a theme and run with it in the most unique of ways. Their bold style can’t be missed when you catch one of their tees at Disney World. Here are a few of my favorite Lost Bros merchandise items: 

Coco and the Mexican Pavilion at Epcot are two of my most favorite things. This fun Coco inspired shirt is one of my favorites! 

The Lost Bros 14

Give me a bright cheerful classic Disney shirt and I’ll be one happy girl! The Under The Sea shirt is beautiful in all the ways. The Lost Bros partner with others to create themed shirts and this one was in partnership with the Pixie Traveler. I enjoy hearing about their collaborations and fun ways they pull in other brands to create something new! 

The Lost Bros 15

One of their staple iconic designs is Drinks Around The World Tour merchandise. I’m not sure I could make it through the world at Epcot but their merch makes me want to try! They sell lanyards and shot glasses themed around the Drinks Around The World Tour design as well. 

The Lost Bros 16

Their iconic styles are also available as window clings which are such fun! Decorating your resort windows is a common thing and something you might spot when staying on property. I would totally put these on our resort windows and then take them home to continue the Disney themed fun. My boys would love these around the house! 

The Lost Bros 17

Speaking of fun things my kids would like, their Kid Store is adorable and so very much my boys too! Nothing beats Disney waffles and my toddlers request them often. Going to Disney at Christmas is an annual trip and add in waffles… I’m thinking this shirt is a must. 

Outside of unique fun merchandise, you can find music videos and albums they have created, another passion of theirs. Head here to see a few of their videos and available music. You can learn more about The Kingdom Classic which covers their love for music as well and is held annually here. They take a really unique approach to songs we know making them a bit fresh and modern; it’s worth a listen for sure! Kiss The Girl with a Blink 182 vibe, I mean how fun is that? They are creative geniuses for sure! Take a listen: 


From the recognizable brand to the interactive online presence to the fun bold merchandise The Lost Bros is a company to know all about and follow. If you’re a Disney fan The Lost Bros will welcome you with open arms into their lifestyle and you’ll enjoy meeting them as well. I’ve spotted them at events and around the parks and they so graciously say hello to their followers, so don’t be afraid to say hello when you run into them too! Connecting with the Disney community is such fun and The Lost Bros Trading Co. play a key part in connecting with theme park goers.