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Random Facts about Disney World You Need to Know

Random Facts about Disney World You Need to Know

[ran-duh m]

proceeding, made or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern.

When we tell someone we are going to Disney the typical response is “Again? Weren’t you just there?” Yes, we were, but every time is a totally different experience. With the creation of my Disney Instagram, I have learned so many new things from so many new people and the facts will never end. Disney goes above and beyond to keep the magic alive and to keep us from getting bored. Today, you will be learning a lot of facts and information you had no idea you needed to know about Disney World. Trust me you will be happy you found out. So, in segmented order, here we go with random facts about Disney World:

Height Requirements at Disney World

Am I tall enough to ride? Throughout the parks, a rider generally has to be 40 inches and taller to be able to hop on a ride. That is nearly 3.5 feet. Now, with this in mind, let’s do some comparing.
Expedition Everest (inches below 200 feet): 57 kids
Tower of Terror (199 feet): about 57 kids
Cinderella Castle (189 feet): 54 kids
Spaceship Earth (183 feet): 52 kids
Space Mountain (180 feet) : 51.5 kids

Since the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971, the total miles driven by monorail is equivalent to 30 trips around the moon.
5 of California’s Disneyland can fit inside the parking lot of Magic Kingdom.
Mickey’s Philharmagic’s 3D screen is 28 feet high and 150 feet long.

Making Millions at Disney World

The next few facts are based on numbers generated throughout one full year.

2.5 million mouse ears are sold at Walt Disney World per year. If lined up, this would be 175 miles long. That is a little more than Orlando to West Palm Beach, typically a 3-hour drive.
75 million cokes are consumed
10 million hamburgers are consumed
6 million hot dogs are consumed
9 million pounds of french fries are consumed
13 million bottles of water are consumed
2.6 million Mickey ice cream bars are consumed. (¾ of that number is from me)
1.6 million turkey legs are consumed

26.6 miles of Bratwurst is sold every 2 months in the Germany Pavilion

Mouse Keeping Magic

I still haven’t figured out if these next facts are scary or cool, I discovered them while applying for a housekeeping position at Walt Disney World Resorts. But, the next time I complain about cleaning up, I will keep these amazing people in mind.

On an average day, cast members do an astonishing 285,000 pounds of laundry. That is over 104 million pounds per year!!
Since Disney is always clean and proper, we tend to forget the hard work that is put into the everyday maintenance.
Since there are 2,000 acres of grass throughout Walt Disney World, cast members must mow 450,000 miles of grass per year. How many trips around the Earth’s equator, you ask? 18 trips.

Random Facts about Disney World You Need to Know 1

Andy’s Toy Box?

With the number of people and gadgets traveling through the parks, I bet you can imagine what the lost and found looks like! The average number of sunglasses found in the parks a day is about 210 pairs and since the parks opening back in 1971, there has been 1.65 million glasses found. Adding on to this, there are:
6,000 cell phones
3,500 cameras
7,500 autograph books
18,000 hats

Rides Facts at Disney World

The drop at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean is 14 feet
There are 65 pirates and villagers
19 exploding cannons
60 animals and birds
Jack Sparrow makes an appearance about 3 times

Big Thunder Mountain took 15 years to plan
Cost the same amount to build as Disneyland nearly 25 years later
30 miles per hour

Tree of Life

Random Disney World Stuff

This section is called random because each fact is indeed completely random. You’d never guess these facts you’re about to learn but you will be extremely happy you read this. Now, go ahead and brag.

Liberty Tree in Liberty Square had 500 acorns that became little trees
If a golfer were to use Spaceship Earth as a golf ball, the golfer would have to be 1.2 miles tall.
Disney’s Hollywood Studios took 3 years to construct and cost about $500 million.
The Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom has more than 102,000 leaves that are in 5 different shades of green and were hand attached to 8,000 different branches.

Last but certainly not least, and I am still flipping out over this discovery, Expedition Everest as seen from above is in the shape of a hidden mickey.

Disney never fails to amaze us in any aspect. I hope you enjoyed these random facts and I hope you can look at these and feel like Albert Einstein, or wonder how the heck the Disney team thought of all these hidden secrets!