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Our Favorite Disney World Water Bottles

Our Favorite Disney World Water Bottles

If you’ve checked out any of my previous blogs, you know that I’m a sucker for things that make my trips to Walt Disney World more comfortable. And for me, nothing ranks higher than a reusable water bottle. Staying hydrated in Disney World is important, but the costs can add up very fast. With the average water bottle costing around $4, you can easily be spending $20 per person per day for the duration of your trip. 

Fortunately for both of us, Disney allows guests to bring in their own reusable water bottles to help save a lot of money (Chapek, please don’t change this). There are a few rules (and tips) I want to share with you before letting you in on my list of favorite Disney World water bottles: 

Disney World’s Policy on Outside Food and Beverages

Per Disney’s website, guests are allowed to bring outside food and non-alcoholic beverages onto Disney property. However, there are some rules. 

First, glass food and beverage containers are not permitted in the parks. Rubber, stainless steel, plastic, and other materials are allowed. If you show up to the parks with a glass bottle or container, you will be asked to either take it back to your resort, put it in a locker, or dispose of it before you enter the parks. Furthermore, you should not bring in any type of container, whether it be for food or beverage, that requires heating, re-heating, or any sort of temperature control. 

How to Get Free Water at the Disney Parks

Even though a bottle of water at Disney World will cost about $4, you’re not stuck with this as your only option. There are several water fountain stations specifically designed to refill reusable water bottles. 

Here are the locations: 

  • Cosmic Ray’s in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom
  • Batuu by the bathroom in the Market and near the exit of Smuggler’s Run and by the line for Slinky Dog Dash in Hollywood Studios. Also if you are by the parking lot, there is one by the Skyliner and bathrooms.
  • Near the lines for Avatar Flight of Passage, Expedition Everest, and Na’vi River at Animal Kingdom
  • Inside the EPCOT Experience at the Oddessy and at the new bathroom by Canada

If you don’t want to use a water bottle station, you can also go up to any quick-service dining location and ask for a cup of water. Make sure you say CUP of water instead of a bottle, otherwise you’ll be paying a price tag! If your location doesn’t offer this, you can ask a Cast Member for the nearest spot and they’ll be sure to (double) point you in the right direction. 

My favorite spot to grab a free cup of water is Starbucks since you can get a giant venti one and their water is actually filtered so it doesn’t taste like gross Florida tap water.

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Best Water Bottles to Bring to Disney

Now that we covered all of that, here are our favorite Disney World water bottles (and, of course, why we love them!)

1. Brita Filtration

Our Favorite Disney World Water Bottles 3

I’m obsessed with my Brita at home, which is why I love bringing a smaller version of it with me to the parks. This reusable water bottle is stainless steel, which is great for standing up to high temperatures like those in Florida. The Brita filter reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, so you’re only getting the freshest tasting water. It holds up to 20 ounces of water that stays cold for 24 hours. At $24.99, the Brita Filtration water bottle is a necessity for your next Disney trip – plus it comes in a variety of vibrant colors like lilac, ocean, and ruby. 

2. S’well Water Bottle

I have three different S’well water bottles at home and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. These bottles are a little pricer than the Brita ones (on average, they cost around $31.00) but they always keep my water ice cold for hours.

Our Favorite Disney World Water Bottles 4

Like the Brita, this bottle is stainless steel and comes in a variety of colors, including Disney designs such as Mickey, Minnie, and Frozen. This water bottle is vacuum-insulated to keep drinks cold for up to 36 hours. While I love this bottle, it’s not the easiest to travel with, so I’d only advise bringing it if you can fit it on a pouch outside your backpack. Click here to purchase your own. 

3. Autoseal Trekker Water Bottle (For Kids)

Let’s not forget about the kids! Kids, especially, need to stay hydrated during Disney trips because it helps with concentration, physical endurance, and energy levels. The last thing you want is for them to get tuckered out an hour into a magical day!

Our Favorite Disney World Water Bottles 5

The Autoseal Trekker water bottle comes in a variety of bold, vibrant colors your kids will love, like Sprinkles and Wink (pink and purple) and Granny Smith and Nautical (green and blue). These bottles come fitted with leak and spill technology and are 100% BPA-free. Learn more about this water bottle here. 

4. Vapur Flexible Non-Bottles

Our Favorite Disney World Water Bottles 6

Honestly, sometimes you just don’t want to bring that much with you into the parks, which is why I love Vapur Flexible bottles. They don’t hold a ton of water (approximately 16 ounces), but they can fit inside your pant’s pocket for maximum convenience. They also come with a little keychain to loop onto your jeans or shorts. These are perfect for staying hydrated in between rides and aren’t too cumbersome to bring with you. I like bringing them on days when it’s not too humid outside. 

5. Collapsible Water Bottles

If you’re on vacation at Disney World, chances are you’re already toting around your purse, diaper bag, backpack, or bag of souvenirs. You might not want to add a water bottle on top of that. If that sounds like you, then I highly recommend bringing a collapsible water bottle with you into the parks. First and foremost, these water bottles are extremely affordable, with many styles costing around $10-$11.

Our Favorite Disney World Water Bottles 7

My favorite is the Nefeeko Collapsible water bottle, which is BPA-free and easy to fold up and fit into your new Loungefly mini backpack. It’s also shatter-proof, which I love because I tend to be a little accident-prone. Click here to take a look at the Nefeeko brand, or search Amazon to find one that suits your style! 

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Final Thoughts

Staying hydrated on your Walt Disney World vacation is vital. The average temperature in Florida is around 81 degrees, but if you’re a frequent visitor, you know it feels a lot hotter than that. While the parks are fun, they don’t provide a lot of shade, so you’ll likely be spending eight, nine, or even 10 hours in the sun with little to no downtime. Bringing the right reusable water bottle with you is a key part of staying hydrated (and healthy) on your next vacation. 

Do you bring water bottles into the parks with you? Let us know in the comments.