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Mail Some Magic with Disney Lovepop Cards

Mail Some Magic with Disney Lovepop Cards

There is something extra special about getting a physical card in the mail, maybe because they are rare these days. Lovepop is bringing the art of sending a card to the next level. When you open one of their cards it transforms into a 3D work of art. Let’s take a look at the detail of some of these cards.

Disney Cinderella’s Castle 

Celebrate any fairy tale moment with this dazzling Disney Cinderella’s Castle design. Remind your friend to keep believing in magic! Wish a newly engaged or wedded couple their “happily ever after” with this enchanting card. Cinderella’s Castle is sure to make anyone feel like a princess on their birthday.

Disney Olaf 3D 

Mail Some Magic with Disney Lovepop Cards 4

The shimmery white cover of this pop-up card features Olaf smiling while playing with the gentle wind spirit. Upon opening, Olaf emerges riding the enchanted spirit on his belly, a huge gleeful smile on his face. The inner panels feature beautiful blue, purple, and orange leaves representative of the mythic forest.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake Card

Mail Some Magic with Disney Lovepop Cards 5

The champagne cover of this pop-up card features Disney’s Minnie Mouse posed and smiling. Upon opening, a two-tiered cake appears with a cheery Minnie Mouse sitting upon the top layer. The cake is decorated with navy polka dots, pink stripes, floral embellishments, piped frosting, and whipped cream to top it all off. The cake sits upon a baby blue doily on the pink polka-dotted inner panels of this design.

Mickey Through the Years Card

Mail Some Magic with Disney Lovepop Cards 6

The bright yellow cover of this pop-up card features a classic smiling Mickey Mouse face. Upon opening the design, four side by side images of Mickey Mouse appear, all smiling and posing in his iconic stance. From the well-known original Steamboat Willie Mickey, all the way to the present-day pal we all know and love, nothing says nostalgia better than Disney’s Mickey Mouse the True Original.

LovePop Savings

If you are already planning on picking some of these cards let me share a few deals with you! First off you can use this link to get FREE SHIPPING! Or if you are planning to stock up they also have a 5 for $50 deal as well. You can shop the LovePop Disney Collection here.