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How to Stay Healthy on your Disney World Vacation

How to Stay Healthy on your Disney World Vacation

Nothing crashes a Disney vacation like getting sick. While it’s not 100% preventable there are some valuable tips you can use to stay healthy on your Disney World vacation. When planning a trip to Walt Disney World and abroad during your summer fun, it’s important to remember the three P’s, Preparation, Pacing, and Physician. Let’s dive deeper into each of these.

Preparation for your Healthy Disney Vacation

  • Bring with you common over-the-counter medications in TSA-compliant packaging: pain relievers, decongestants, cough syrups, motion-sickness pills
  • Stay cool! Many people underestimate the power of the Florida sun. Drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, finding shade or wearing hats, and applying sunscreen regularly will keep you moving throughout the day
  • Most attraction areas in Orlando allow guests to bring snacks and other food with them. Healthy options, like watermelon, carrot sticks, and celery, can put back the nutrients lost during the day

Pacing your Disney Vacation Properly

  • Theme Parks are exciting places, especially when it’s your time to ride the latest thrill or catch up with your favorite character. But too much hustle from place to place can drain you quickly.
  • One loop just around the walking perimeter of Magic Kingdom Park, Universal Studios Florida, or SeaWorld Orlando can be 1.5-2.5 miles. Take advantage of seating opportunities or take in a show experience to give everyone. This is especially important for little ones or senior citizens. A break from the exploration is always a good idea.
  • Parents and adult family members like to enjoy the specialty cocktails exclusive to the parks. But too many at a time can cause problems with digestion and other important functions of the body. Slow down and enjoy responsibly!

Physician, in Case of Issue

  • Should health issues arise, it doesn’t have to mean the end of the family fun for the trip
  • One convenient option available at the front desk of most hotels on and off the Theme Park sites is The Medical Concierge®
  • Preferred Medical Provider for Walt Disney World Resort®, Universal Orlando Resort™, and over 123 hotels and various tour operators, travel assistance companies, and vacation homes
  • Minutes away from Universal Orlando Resort™ and Walt Disney World Resort® in the heart of Greater Orlando
  • Accepts domestic and international Insurance
  • A team of Board Certified, Florida-licensed pediatric and family practice physicians
  • Administers urgent care in the comfort of visitor’s hotel rooms, vacation homes, event venues.
  • Same-day dentist and specialist appointments, private clinics, and a mobile pharmacy for prescriptions or forgotten medications
  • Mobile X-Ray, ultrasound, laboratory, and diagnostic services
  • Pediatrician to Pediatrician calls and consultations provide consistency of service away from home
  • Access to medical documentation from a primary care provider
  • Comfortable and soothing office environment
  • One-on-one appointment scheduling
  • Avoid potential long lines and exposure present at other service locations
  • For the best for your family, trust the gold bell of The Medical Concierge®
  • To schedule an appointment with a medical professional, contact the front desk of your hotel or dial 1-855-932-5252 and request The Medical Concierge®
  • More information available at

In the comment section below let us know how you stay healthy on your Disney World vacation. For more read What to do if you Get Sick at Disney World.