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How to Find your Stroller at Disney World

How to Find your Stroller at Disney World

It’s the age-old theme park struggle. You put your stroller in the designated stroller parking area and now you have to find it. Disney stroller parking is basically a giant pile of strollers that seemingly all look the same. Did you know that most parking areas have a cast member that continually organizes the parking area, filling in available space, so your stroller might not be in the exact space that you parked it! Just look at the example below! We find it’s especially hard if you plan on renting. Renting is common and those strollers all look the same!

Stroller Spotter Illuminated Antenna

In comes the Stroller Spotter Illuminated Antenna. This stroller attachment makes it easy to locate your stroller. But it really doesn’t just stop at stroller, a StrollerSpotter is great for scooters, wheelchairs, or bikes.  Plus you can customize your topper with your favorite character topper or an illuminated custom themed toppers! You can pick up your own on their website here

Stroller Spotter

Using the Stroller Spotter

The illuminated antenna attaches to your stroller/ scooter/wheelchair using a velcro strap. It is designed to fit all stroller types. You also may be wondering what happens if lots of people at the park have an illuminated antenna? Good news is the illuminated antenna comes in 8 different colors so odds are that not everyone will be sporting the same color that same day in that same area in which you parked your stroller/scooter/wheelchair.

Even if someone did have the same color, you can personalize with whatever topper you choose and even decorate them differently. Some great ideas are to make it look like a fairy wand, make a pennant with your family’s name on it and thread the antenna through the flag. You can even decorate the illuminated topper with Sharpie Markers, etc.  

What do you think? Would you use a Stroller Spotter? Let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to share ways that you make your stroller stand out in Disney World so it doesn’t get lost.