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Are Extra Magic Hours at Disney World Worth Your Time?

Are Extra Magic Hours at Disney World Worth Your Time?

What are Extra Magic Hours at Disney World?

Extra Magic Hours offer a rare opportunity for your family to enjoy additional time in Walt Disney World parks. This means that Disney keeps the parks open above and beyond the standard operating schedule, at no extra charge to you! Sounds too good to be true? It’s not but this special perk is ONLY offered to Guests of select Walt Disney World Resort hotels. Since these extra hours are only open to resort guests the crowds are often reduced making ride times short.

Each day, one of the 4 Walt Disney World theme parks opens one hour early or remains open up to 2 hours after regular closing time. Disney Water Parks even offer Extra Magic Hours during select times of the year. If you want to find out what the Extra Magic Hours are during your stay you can find them over here.

What Can You Ride During Extra Magic Hours at Disney World

Unfortunately, not every ride is open during Extra Magic Hours at the four Disney World theme parks. Most people assume that is the case but Disney only keeps select rides at each park open. You will find that the Magic Kingdom has the best selection. Also, you can see that more options are available during the evening Extra Magic Hours.  If you would like to download the chart below click here.

Attractions Opening During Disney World’s Extra Magic Hours.

The Down Side of Using Extra Magic Hours at Disney World

Sounds all good, right? Well not exactly, Extra Magic Hours normally leaves the parked packed during regular park hours. Disney currently has 25 resorts, think about how many people that can add up to be. On top of that regular non-resort guests will also be put into the mix of the crowds at the parks it can get kind of crazy. The best way to avoid the crowds and just take advantage of the window of Extra Magic hours and park hop to another park. If you don’t have a park hopper this can make it not worthwhile to use Extra Magic Hours.

The Best Part of Using Extra Magic Hours at Disney World

Despite what we mentioned above there are several scenarios when it is valuable to use Extra Magic Hours. First is during the holidays. Disney year after year is PACKED during the holiday season. The two busiest holidays being Christmas – New Years and then Easter.

If you hate getting up early in the morning, like me, the evening EMH is definitely something for you. Waking up late means missing the hours in the morning with light crowds but if you stay through the evening extra magic hours you will be able to make up for missed time.

On the contrary, if you are an early riser EMH is great for your as well. Vacation equals the opportunity to sleep in for many. This means if you don’t have an issue waking up with the sun then you can enjoy some seriously short wait times.

Fantasyland attractions often have the shortest wait times during EMH. If you have kids with you and they can cooperate with waking up early or staying up late, then this is a perfect way to get them on all their favorite attractions over and over again.