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DIY Disney Painted Easter Eggs

DIY Disney Painted Easter Eggs

One of my favorite things about every holiday is that there are always fun crafts to do, and Easter is no exception to that rule. If you and your family are looking to make some painted Easter eggs this year we have some fun Disney-themed ideas to help you add some magic to your Easter display.

Supplies for Making Disney Painted Eggs

For our egg painting day, we stuck to using just paint but feel free to add on any extra crafty embellishments you would like. Since we used wooden eggs you could use a hot glue gun or a super glue like E900 to attach any additional ones.

Supply List for Easter Eggs

DIY Disney Painted Easter Eggs 2

Classic Disney Characters

Of course, you have to include at least one of the Disney Fab Five in your Disney Easter Egg collection.

DIY Disney Painted Easter Eggs 3

Pluto Painted Egg

In order to paint an egg like Pluto you will want to start with a golden-yellow base. Once you have completed the base and let the paint dry you will want to create a green ring around the top of the egg for Pluto’s dog collar. Coming off the collar you want to create a round silver dot this is for the name tag, inside you can print, with paint or a black Sharpie marker, the name Pluto.

Mickey Painted Egg

For an egg that looks like Mickey Mouse you can paint a large middle strip red and the top and bottom would be a black stripe. If you like at the bottom you can add a yellow stripe to represent Mickey’s shoes. Then of course in the middle of your red area, you will want to paint two yellow circles for Mickey’s buttons. You could even glue on some real yellow buttons for an added embellished touch.

Goofy Painted Egg

Out of the three Goofy is probably the most tricky one to complete. I recommend starting in the order we have them listed to build up to this design. For Goofy, we started with a large orange band around the main part of the egg, this will be Goofy’s shirt. For his pants, you should paint a blue strip below the orange one. Then for his green hat top the egg with a green strip. Lastly, you can come in with the black detailing of his vest and a strip for his face between his hat and shirt.

Star Wars Painted Easter Eggs

DIY Disney Painted Easter Eggs 4

BB8 Painted Egg

DIY Disney Painted Easter Eggs 5

If you are looking to make your own painted BB8 the first thing you need to start out with is a totally solid white base for the eggs.

Disney Theme Park Character Eggs

DIY Disney Painted Easter Eggs 6

Orange Bird

For the orange bird, you want to start with a totally orange base for the egg. Then you just need to paint a face on and top the design with a green leaf.

Figment Easter Egg

This spark of imagination will need a totally purple base. Then I would add in his light purple dragon belly. Next, you will want to follow with the yellow eyes and orange horns. Lastly, you can go in with the black to finish off all of Figments details.

Pixar Easter Eggs

DIY Disney Painted Easter Eggs 7


Our favorite friend will need a blue base to start. Then you can add in his light purple dots followed by his monster face.

Mike Wazowski

Start out with a totally solid lime green egg for Wazowski. Then you can add in his famous one eye as well as a black line for his mouth.