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Disney nuiMOs Have Arrived in the US!

Disney nuiMOs Have Arrived in the US!

Have you heard about the new hot plush to arrived here in the States? Disney nuiMOs are here direct from Disney stores in Japan, China, Shanghai Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort!

What is a nuiMOs

The name nuiMOs is a blend of the Japanese word nuigurumi, meaning plush doll and the word Model. nuiMOs are meant to be an extension of one’s self with the flexibility to change their looks to suit one’s unique personality and taste. You know just like your Avatar or memoji!

nuiMOs are flexible allowing them to do a wide variety of poses. Adding along its pocket-sized and portable characteristics, they are the perfect companions and models. 

Which Disney nuiMOs Can You Get?

So right now in the United States the first batch just launched the characters you can get are Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Stitch, and Angel.

Accessorize your nuiMOs

Of course, nuiMOs are all about the accessories. These dolls have their own clothing some of which you can buy for humans too! Spirit Jerseys and Loungefly backpacks are also available for nuiMOs. This was my favorite part about the whole line if I am being honest. Here are just a few of my favorites that I picked up.

Also fun little fact I have seen others share that these pint size clothes also fit the shoulder characters they sell too!

Disney nuiMOs Rose Gold Backpack by Loungefly

Disney nuiMOs Have Arrived in the US! 4

Inspired by their full-size designs, this detailed backpack is fashioned in metallic faux leather with sequin accents and Loungefly’s signature logo plate. It’s the perfect addition for your cuddly and cute companion.

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Sweater, Skirt, and Headband Set

Disney nuiMOs Have Arrived in the US! 5

nuiMOs plush will look particularly ”Lovely” in this Sweater, Skirt, and Headband Set. Dress them up for their next fashion shoot in this cute combination of soft sweater, denim skirt, and coordinating denim bow headband. It’s the perfect outfit for your cuddly and chic companion.

Disney nuiMOs Outfit – Disney Spirit Jersey – Briar Rose Gold

Disney nuiMOs Have Arrived in the US! 6

Who better to celebrate the magic of Disney than your Disney nuiMOs plush! Dress them up for their next fashion shoot in this Spirit Jersey with ”Disney” emblazoned across the back in sparkling Briar Rose Gold lettering. It’s the perfect outfit for your cuddly and chic companion.

Where can I Buy Disney nuiMOs?

You have two options when it comes to picking up a nuiMOs of your own. First, you can shop the whole collection on shopDisney. This is a great option if the parks just aren’t close and you don’t have a trip on the horizon.

Shop nuiMOs

Of course, these cuties are also available at the Disney Parks here in the United States. I picked mine up at Disney Springs but the rest of the parks here in Florida also carry them as well.

When Will There be New nuiMOs?

This is just the start of the all-new nuiMOs collection. In the coming months, we can expect to see more characters to be released as well as clothing and accessories.

The February collection is called Everyday Cosplay. The collection features pieces Designed by Ashley Eckstein and Wes Jenkins, inspired by beloved
Disney Characters! Check out the sneak peek below.

Disney nuiMOs Have Arrived in the US! 7

Conclusion on nuiMOs

I was super excited about these until I saw all the accessories. Then I knew I had to get a nuiMO to dress up and have for my office desk. They are posable and have so much fun potential. Let me know in the comments below if you plan on getting an nuiMO!