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Disney Cruise Line Adult Only Dining

Disney Cruise Line Adult Only Dining

Elegance with a sprinkle of pixie dust and topped with the most fantastic food you’ve ever eaten on the high seas.  That’s why adult only dining is a MUST do for us every Disney Cruise.  Our cruise this past July on the Disney Fantasy made us fall even more in love with dining at Remy and Palo. 

Remy (Dream and Fantasy)

Pricing for Dinner: $95 per person

Cuba, that was our view as we enjoyed EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of our dinner at Remy aboard the Disney Fantasy. Our table was right on the window, and as soon as Lidwine, our server welcomed us the magic began.  The menu is divided into French and American.  If you’re a fan of Victoria and Albert’s at Walt Disney World (like we are), then you may notice a familiar name below the American side of the Menu – S. Hunnel! Of course, my husband HAD to have the American menu to experience the incredible Chef Scott Hunnel once again.  I was leaning toward the French side crafted by Chef Arnaud Lallement anyways.

Disney Cruise Line Adult Only Dining 5

Remy Dinner Menu

We started the evening off with the signature drink – Colette which is named after the female chef in the Disney movie Ratatouille.  Then, we watched wave after wave pass by with each awe-inspiring course.  Unfortunately, due to the exceptional experience and husband not wanting to wait for me to photograph his food, I only was able to get pictures of my unbelievable dishes.

However, I was able to sneak a picture of his to die for Peruvian Chocolate! Believe me, when I say the food is extraordinary. Honestly, there’s no way I could pick a favorite masterpiece.  My husband’s favorite course was the Pork.  He proclaimed, “Best pork dish I HAVE EVER HAD!” Also, he really wanted to lick his plate to soak up the sauce, but in this kind of establishment, it’s frowned upon LOL!  Luckily, Lidwine (she was AMAZING) saved the day when she brought out more bread, so he could soak up that sauce.

Dishes from Remy

Just when you think the whole experience is coming to an end, what I refer to as the “bonus” desserts are presented!  OH. EM. GEE! When it comes to food, I’m no quitter, but I was SO full! I did eat one bonbon, one fruit leather, and a bite of each tart. It’s just SO good, so it’s impossible to say no. My husband ate the rest of the fruit leather in one fell swoop! We were “nice” and saved the lollipops for the kiddos. Finally, when the night was over, I was handed a beautiful red rose and a box of chocolates as our beautiful parting gift.  C’est magnifique!

Palo Brunch (All Ships)

Price: $30 per person

We had bright blue skies with blue water views from our table when we dined at Palo for Brunch. Palo is Italian at it’s absolute finest. Come hungry, I mean hungry and really savor every bite!   Nothing compares to the wondrous delights that await you during Palo brunch. Your first brunch libation is included (we enjoyed a glass of prosecco & a mimosa), which was great for us considering our Facebook Group Mixology was later that afternoon.

Before we decided what we wanted to order from the menu, we opted to have the “brunch station tour” from our server.  We just wanted to make an informed decision LOL! The whole time our server was going over ALL the offerings our jaws were on the floor.  Talk about a feast for the eyes and taste buds – WOW!

After filling our plates, we decided to order a spicy Italian sausage flatbread (husband) and rollatini mellazane (me).  That may well be one of the best dishes I have EVER eaten.  It was absolute perfection. That flatbread was Italy in every bite, so delicious!  Some of our favorite items from the stations were the meatballs, caviar, bloody mary shrimp cocktail and seafood salad. Pro tip is to make sure to use the regular sized plates for the desserts. Let’s be real those small plates hold barely anything. Go big or go home LOL! It still amazes us that the whole experience is only $30.

Brunch Spread at Palo

Overall Adult Disney Cruise Dining Thoughts

DO.IT. For the price, for the experiences, and for the food, it’s out of this world! Remy and Palo are a must do for us EVERY Disney Cruise.  Just make sure to make your reservations during your online check-in and keep in mind there’s a strict dress code. If you want to see dinner at Palo read our Palo Dinner Dining Review.

What’s your favorite adult only restaurant when you cruise with Mickey? Post in the comments below!