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Disney Crocs, Is the Hype Worth It

Disney Crocs, Is the Hype Worth It

Yes, Disney Crocs are worth the hype…sort of. I know Crocs have long been viewed as “ugly shoes,” however, they do provide incredible arch support. However, whether or not they’re the optimal shoe to wear for a day spent at Disney is up for debate. But before we get to that, what exactly are Disney Crocs? 

What Are Disney Crocs? 

Disney Crocs are regular Crocs that come in a variety of Disney prints and styles. While you used to only be able to buy them online at Crocs website or other retailers, Disney World has started selling them over the past few years, releasing new and unique styles based on holidays, characters, and special events in the parks. 

At the Disney parks, we’ve seen Crocs flip flops, Halloween-inspired prints, Haunted Mansion, cheetah print, Christmas-inspired prints, and as of right now, the 50th Anniversary versions and popcorn Crocs based on the popular Loungefly backpack design. 

Where Can You Buy Disney Crocs?

We’ve seen Disney Crocs for sale at both Star Traders and the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, Island Mercantile in Animal Kingdom, and World of Disney in Disney Springs, though this list is always due to change based on increased demand. This is, of course, in addition to Crocs’ official website, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Poshmark, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, and other popular retailers. Crocs are pretty popular, so chances are you’ll find them at any retailer that also sells name-brand shoes. 

If you’re local to Walt Disney World, you could even purchase them at the Crocs store at Lake Buena Vista Outlets and Orlando Outlets. 

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How Much Do Disney Crocs Cost?

On average, Disney Crocs cost anywhere from $21.99 if they’re on sale on Crocs’ official website or $64.99 if you’re buying them in the Disney parks. Regular Disney Crocs are priced anywhere from $49.95 on the low end in the parks, however, the majority of ones I’ve come across are $64.99 (especially those that have holiday or celebratory prints). Keep in mind that the cost will vary depending on whether you’re buying Disney Crocs adults or kids shoes; kid shoes are always going to be cheaper than adult ones. 

You can also purchase limited Disney Crocs on Shop Disney. In most cases, these crocs will be eligible for sales they have, such as the Twice Upon a Year Sale, which offers 20% off items in the store. 

What Are Disney Crocs Charms? 

You may have noticed that Disney Crocs (and regular Crocs, too) have holes in them. This is where you can add your own charms! Crocs charms are available in a variety of styles, but Disney fans will love the variety of different Disney characters and park icons that are available. 

Some of my favorites include:

  • Mickey hands
  • Cinderella Castle
  • Mickey pretzel
  • Mickey ice cream
  • Dole whip
  • Disney princess packs
  • Frozen packs
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Marvel packs
  • Baby Yoda (Grogu)

You can purchase this Disney parks pack on Shop Disney for $17.99, individually on Croc’s official website, and on Amazon. Simply type in “Disney Croc Charms” on Amazon and you’ll have a HUGE variety to pick from, including this one that includes 35 (mostly) Disney charms for only $13.99. 

How to Decorate With Disney Crocs Charms

To add charms to your Disney Crocs, squeeze the top of your Crocs and slide one side of the charm into the other side until it’s snug, then secure. Adding charms to your Crocs is similar to adding a pin to your jacket. 

When it comes to decorating your Crocs with Disney charms, there are so many ways you can go about it, but one of my favorite ways is to decorate them based on what Disney park you’re visiting for the day. For example, if you’re visiting Magic Kingdom, I’d decorate with Disney snacks or the princesses. For a day at Epcot, you can customize them based on what festival is going on. For example, for the Festival of the Arts (which is happening now until February 21, 2022), you can add rainbow and paint-based ones to get into the Disney spirit. 

The examples go on and on, but decorating your shoes based on your mood, the holiday, or plans for the day is so fun to me. It’s a great way to add a little bit of extra magic to your day and outfit. 

Are Crocs Good to Wear to Disney? Here’s What the Experts Are Saying

Although Crocs were initially designed as a boating shoe, they gained national attention when healthcare workers, most notably nurses, began wearing them to work and praised them for comfort and durability. The company even released a Crocs RX brand that was approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Because of this, Crocs developed a reputation as being a shoe designed for comfort over appearance, providing value to wearers suffering from diabetes, foot injuries, or bunions. However, this reputation may cause more harm than good according to one California-based doctor. 

According to Bob Baravarian, a chief foot and ankle doctor surgeon at Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center, Crocs get “….overused by people who need more support than they can get from the shoe.” Furthermore, Dr. Baravarian adds, “it’s not made for marathon wear, either.” This spells bad news for those wanting to wear Crocs for a long day in the Disney parks. 

My Personal Experience With Crocs

I own two pairs of Crocs, both of which I purchased in Walt Disney World. The first pair I bought was in 2018, mid-way through a day in Hollywood Studios. I was wearing a pair of sneakers that had horrible arch support and was in excruciating pain by the late afternoon. I had heard nothing but good things about Crocs and at this point, valued comfort over appearance. I bought Crocs flip-flops that had tiny Mickey Mouse heads on them. Here’s a photo for reference. 

My feet were still throbbing for a few hours after wearing them because I really did a number on myself by wearing my cheap sneakers for a few days up until this point, however, I noticed a significant improvement for the duration of my trip once I decided to exclusively wear my new Crocs. In fact, I wore them non-stop at home, on errands, for walking, hiking, and even as my only shoe option on future Disney World vacations. 

In the fall of 2020, I bought one of the classic Croc designs – you know the big, boxy toe with holes on the side and the strap on the back – at Memento Mori’s in Magic Kingdom. They were the Halloween ones: black with light up Mickey Mouse pumpkins and images of candy on them. I was only in Disney World for two days, so I slipped on my Disney Crocs the next day at Hollywood Studios and was not totally impressed by them, unfortunately. I didn’t find them as comfortable as my pair of Croc flip-flops, so I was a little disappointed. I wasn’t in extreme pain or anything, but I noticed that the bottoms of my feet didn’t feel like they were getting the support they needed to stand in line all day. 

However, I routinely wear them at home and for running errands and have no problems. In fact, I’m wearing them now as I write this in between cleaning my house. 

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So Are Disney Crocs Worth it? 

The answer is yes and no. No, I don’t think they’re worth it for an entire day walking at Walt Disney World. Medical experts agree that these shoes aren’t optimal for all-day wear to that degree. However, should you buy a pair to wear when you return home from your trip? Absolutely. They’re great to just slip on and off if you have to run out somewhere, and for the kinds of errands we typically run after vacation, your feet will probably be comfortable all day. 

If you do plan on wearing them to Disney, I just recommend bringing a pair of other shoes to slip into if you need to. I see tons of people wearing Crocs at Disney, so it’s really going to depend on what your feet can tolerate and if you have any pre-existing conditions that would make wearing these shoes difficult. 

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Do you own a pair of Crocs? If so, are they your go-to shoe for Disney World? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for all the latest Disney tips, tricks, and secrets.