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Disney Board Games to Add to your Collection

Disney Board Games to Add to your Collection

Hi’ya Pals! Wondering what “must have” Disney board games you need to add to your collection before your next game night? Well, look no further! I’m here to share with you some Disney games that will be fun for the whole family to enjoy!

Disney has done an amazing job at reimagining some “classic” board games, to have an extra special magical touch!

Pirate’s of the Caribbean Battleship

Disney Board Games to Add to your Collection 1

($44.95) What is there not to love about Battleship? And what better overlay to give the classic the Battleship game than Pirates of the Caribbean? It just makes sense! It is definitely one of the more competitive games on this list, but I know the young sailors, and young sailors at heart, will enjoy this game!

The Haunted Mansion Game of Life

Haunted Mansion game of Life

($39.95) Aaaaahhh, the Game of Life. When I was growing up I had a Monster’s Inc Game of Life, I love how they have switched it up The Haunted Mansion theme! The Game of Life is a true test of luck, with all of your “life’s” work relying on a spinning wheel of numbers, talk about anxiety at age 8. But, nonetheless this game is worth the buy!

Disney Princess Candy Land

Disney Princess Candy Land

($18.95) This Candy Land Disney Princess edition is the “sweetest” game I have ever seen! Princesses of all ages will enjoy playing as either Cinderella, Rapunzel, or Ariel as they find their way to the infamous Candy Land! Side note: I am very grateful they added Rapunzel to this game with Cinderella and Ariel, I feel like she doesn’t get the attention she deserves, ever.

Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly

Disney Board Games to Add to your Collection 2

($39.95) Monopoly is known to be one of the longest games to complete. But, this Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary edition is sure to entertain your whole party for the entirety of the game. Own property such as “Jack’s Tower” or “Sally’s Alley” and do it while playing as one of the familiar faces from the movie!

Disney’s Eye Found It Board Game 

Disney Board Games to Add to your Collection 3

($29.99) This next level game of eye-spy, allows the whole party to play detective and search the board for some recognizable Disney characters, rides, and icons.

Snow White Gemstone Mining Board Game 

Disney Board Games to Add to your Collection 4

($34.95) Although this is not a “classic” board game with a Disney twist, that is exactly the reason it deserves its moment to shine! (No pun intended) Throughout the game you do what Dwarf’s do best, collect gems from the mine! All while helping the lovely Snow White, what more could you ask for?

Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Chess Set

Disney Board Games to Add to your Collection 5

($69.95) I don’t know about you, but I have spent the last month OBSESSING over the Mickey’s 90th Anniversary merchandise! So naturally when I saw this amazing chess set, I had to share it with you all! I highly recommend this not only for game night, but even as a collectible!

I hope this post gave you all of the inspiration to have to the most epic game night ever! Be sure to head on over to Shop Disney to see even more games or to purchase the ones mentioned in this post! Or if Amazon is more your jam many of the games are available here.