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Best Outfits for Disney World

Best Outfits for Disney World

When Disneyland resort opened in 1955, ladies and gentlemen were dressed in their best; suits, dresses, hats, and gloves. With the opening of Walt Disney World in 1971, the style was more relaxed, and guests sported crop tops, athletic shorts, and breezy sundresses. Back in the day, those were the perfect outfits for a theme park vacation. Today, the best outfits for a Walt Disney World vacation are about personal style, comfort, flare, and photo-worthy looks.

The perfect outfit for one guest may not be the perfect out for another guest. Keeping in mind our own sense of self, your style at Walt Disney World, can be as magical as your Walt Disney World vacation. Style is now about flare, Disney sights, sounds and tastes, and personalization.

While comfort drives the most avid Disney fan, different fashions are adorned by all. Typically, the perfect outfit is planned way in advance to coincide with specific theme park attractions, characters, or experiences. Guests break out their favorite Darth Vader shirt when visiting Galaxy’s Edge, cheetah print sneakers to visit Animal Kingdom, and that favorite Mickey t-shirt for the Magic Kingdom.  

Matching Shirts

In the last few years, personalized and matching shirts have been trending as perfect outfits for the most magical of days. From “Best Dad in the Galaxy” to “Smith Family Vacation”, guests are planning their outfits just as much as their theme park itinerary. From grandma and grandpa to the infant in the stroller, families will also wear the same color or theme each day to add another layer of fun to their vacation.

When guests have the perfect outfit, it makes for the perfect Instagram-ready photo or TikTok video as a magical keepsake of your adventure at Walt Disney World. With filters and characters and music, a guest’s outfit is a compliment to their vacation photos and videos.

While trending styles and fashion are worn by guests years round, it is Mother Nature who drives the perfect outfit choices throughout the four seasons. Depending on what time of the year guests visit Walt Disney World, their outfits will change according to the weather.  January through March can bring cool mornings and evenings and warm afternoons. Dressing in layers allows for a quick change as the temperatures rises during the day. Spring and late fall are more temperate, so guests will wear shorts, lightweight clothes, and light jackets/sweaters as well.

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Best Summer Disney World Outfits

During the hot and humid summer months, guests should wear light cotton clothes and always bring a rain jacket or poncho for pop-up afternoon showers.

Let’s not forget about guest’s accessories in planning the perfect outfit for Walt Disney World. First, the perfect outfit always includes a pair of Mickey Ears. These delightful additions bring a sense of whimsy to any outfit at any age. There are Mickey Ears for just about every experience and theme at Walt Disney World. Matching Mickey Ears to a guest’s outfit is the quintessential Disney style queue for young and old alike. Next, guests often match their Magic Bands and backpack/purses to their outfit for the day, often changing accessories daily for just the right touch.

Whether a guest is planning their first visit or their 21st visit, the perfect outfit is just waiting to be put together for their walk down Main Street U.S.A.