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Best Disney Plus Tips to Enhance the Experience

Best Disney Plus Tips to Enhance the Experience

Having a Disney plus subscription is one of the best gifts anyone can have during this festive season. The platform offers tons of movies and series to enjoy with your friends and family – from Star Wars to Marvel films, and even the Mandalorian. Here are a few hacks that can help improve your streaming experience with the service.

Bundle your streaming services

Disney recently updated their packages with the launch of their ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney plus bundle. That’s right! If you’re a fan of all three platforms, you can get all your favorite movies, live sports, and documentaries at one low price!

Doing this saves you around $5 monthly compared to paying for each service separately. You can also cut down your Disney plus costs by signing up with Verizon. It offers six months of free Disney Plus, and unlimited mobile plans for accounts opened before May 2021.

Download Disney Plus movies and shows to view offline

Whenever you’re traveling, whether abroad or a long road trip, your Disney Plus subscription can go a long way to making your time more enjoyable. It could also be a good distraction for your kids.

However, you’re never assured of reliable internet in all destinations you visit. So why not download some of your Disney plus library shows for offline viewing?

You can easily do this on any of your mobile devices by opening the movies library on your Disney plus app. Next, select the movies you want and click on the download button.

When the download completes, you’ll find the videos in the downloads section of the app.

If, however, you want to download a show that’s restricted in your location, you could always use a VPN to unblock it. Just connect to the app and choose the location you want , and you’ll be free to access and download the content you want. This tip is also useful for people who do no have Disney Plus in their region yet. They can change their server location on the VPN app and access the streaming service.

Explore different collections with the search menu

One of the best features of Disney plus is that it offers thousands of movies and tv show options in their catalog. It offers you the opportunity to catch up with any franchises and individual collections, allowing you to choose what you want. From the search menu, look up all the new and old movies in any category you want, and then get your popcorn ready.

If you’ve found multiple movies you like and would like to watch or rewatch, the watchlist feature is also perfect. By tapping on the ‘+’ sign, the movies are saved under the watchlist in your toolbar.

Create profiles for your kids

Another cool feature from Disney plus is that you can create up to seven different profiles on your account without extra fees! This is great news for parents who can now have parental control over the shows their kids watch.

A Disney plus kid’s profile blocks all non-PG-rated shows, ensuring your kids watch clean and educative content only!

Create profiles for joint viewing

If you’re sharing your Disney Plus account with other people in your house, creating multiple profiles for each person could also be helpful. With different profiles for each person, you can always keep up with your series and receive recommendations for shows in only the genres you like. 

If you’re, however, watching one series with other people, you can always create a joint account that will track your progress together.

Request for missing shows on Disney+

Despite having a massive catalog of movies and tv shows, there are still thousands of movies which might be missing from their database. If you find that the show you’re looking for is missing, Disney plus allows you to request it.

To do this, simply login into your account and head over to the Disney Plus help center. Tap on the give feedback, and select ‘Request a Film or Show’ on the drop-down menu. You can add up to 3 suggestions.

With these six tips, you can rest assured that your Disney plus streaming experience will be the best you’ll ever have!