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Beaches and Cream Milkshakes

Beaches and Cream Milkshakes

If you are looking for some new food treats to make your friends envious over on Instagram we found it! Check out these colossal Milkshakes served up over at Beaches and Cream at the Beach Club Hotel. Note: Thanks to Disney for letting us sample all these shakes on them! 

What I love about all of these shakes is they are served in a souvenir cup you can take home with you! I highly recommend a trip to the bathroom to rinse out and stuff with paper towels for safe transport back home.

Chocolate Brownie Milkshake

Beaches and Cream Milkshakes 14

This a chocolate milkshake topped with an ooey-gooey brownie and chocolate shavings. I will say this one was a bit too much of chocolate overload. The shake is chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, and milk blended which makes for an ultra-rich shake. The brownie pretty much matched the level of the shake it was hard to get through much more than half of this. 

Strawberry Minnie Milkshake

Beaches and Cream Milkshakes 15

This mug is filled with a strawberry shake and raspberry sauce. The whole thing is then topped with a Minnie Mouse Cupcake! It’s a two for one dessert if you ask me. Plus this portion, as with all these shakes is so large it can easily be shared with someone else. 

Mickey Confetti Milkshake

Beaches and Cream Milkshakes 16

A vanilla milkshake base is topped with whipped cream and a rainbow confetti cupcake. Yes, this cupcake is your glorified childhood favorite, Funfetti. My favorite part not shown is that the cupcake is topped with an adorable chocolate Mickey balloon. The cupcake is really what makes this shake. Without it, you are left with a plain jane vanilla shake. If you want to mix it up you end up with a much more interesting cake and ice cream concept. 

Dreamsicle Milk Shake

Beaches and Cream Milkshakes 17

Orange creamsicle fans will want to dive for this option at Beaches and Cream. Just like the Orange Bird slush, this one wasn’t a hit with me. Though the fruity pebbly ears are super adorable and make it a fun hidden Mickey treat. 

While you can pick these up at the to go window at Beaches and Cream they are also available inside of the restaurant. We love eating at this little hidden gem at the Beach Club. If you want to find out more about eating here read our Disney’s Beach Club Beaches and Cream Restaurant Review.