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How to Avoid Motion Sickness on a Disney Cruise

How to Avoid Motion Sickness on a Disney Cruise

These are my suggestions on how to avoid motion sickness on a Disney Cruise because there is nothing worse than paying the premium for a Disney cruise and being seasick the whole time. I was petrified on my first cruise that this was going to be me. However, with much preparation, I was able to pretty much avoid motion sickness on my Disney cruise. I did have one small incident while playing a little too much mid-ship detective agency (no windows, small corridors) but I was able to quickly recover with some meds and a short nap.

The great news is that all of the Disney cruise ships feature state of the art technology that helps keep the boat stable and minimize rocking. All of the Disney ships are HUGE (even the two oldest) and most of the time you will feel just as if you were on land. The crew also does a fantastic job of navigating around bad weather as much as possible. This is especially key when you are planning on cruising during hurricane season.

Before we get into the list of products and tips that I have for you on how to avoid motion sickness on a Disney Cruise, I have one more important note. You always know your body best. If you are prone to motion sickness then you should seek out professional medical advice (aka prescription medication).


Sea-Band works by using acupressure. The bands can be put on your wrists before you start traveling, or at any time during your journey. Sea-Band takes between two and five minutes to become effective. A better result is achieved if the band is in place before the journey commences.

Hydrate Often

They always have free fountain water available to you so it’s a good idea to bring along a water bottle and always stay stocked up. Staying hydrated has so many health benefits including helping you avoid getting motion sick.

Fresh Air

If you can afford the splurge get a Veranda room so you always have access to that fresh ocean air. There is nothing like fresh air to help calm you when you are starting to feel nauseous.

Avoid the Bubbles

I know if you’re not feeling well your reaction may be to go for a ginger ale but we actually recommend staying away from any drinks with carbonation. If the lack of flavor is an issue for you try Mio or another water additive.

Peppermint Essential Oil

My new latest obsession is rollerball essential oil it’s so handy and effective. I use the peppermint scent for not just when I feel nauseous but also for when I get a bad headache. It’s a minor help but it’s an instant effect of calming on the pain. I not only have the roll on essential oil but I also LOVE peppermint oil pills. I have a lot of stomach issue (with food sensitivities) and peppermint oil has been a game changer in treating tummy aches fast and free of chemical medicine.

Ginger Pills

When I can, I try to skip medication for a natural remedy. While I bring Dramamine as a backup I also take along a bottle of Natural Dramamine with Ginger as well. Natural Dramamine is esentially the exact same ingredients as a ginger supplement so you can also opt to just get that instead.

Avoid Over Indulging

I know this one is hard, it’s all you care to eat, unlimited ice cream and soda! An overstuffed tummy doesn’t make anyone feel good and a rocking boat can just exacerbate this. Think back to Thanksgiving and how you felt after eating that big meal. So while it may be tough at least try to stop eating when you are full. If you get hungry an hour or two later remember you can always get those warm cookies delivered to your room.

I found skipping the carbonated beverage on our last trip made a world of a difference. So you may just want to try cutting out food or drinks that you know can sometimes be a trigger on land.

Pick the Perfect Stateroom

You may have already heard this, but if you want to feel the least amount of rocking there is an ideal section of the boat. The midship staterooms are best for this and the lower deck stateroom as well. The next two best sections are the aft followed by the forward staterooms. On our last cruise, we got midship and really noticed a difference. We hit some really rough seas and our room was much less rocky than the dinner we had one night in the aft of the boat.

We hope these tips help you Avoid Motion Sickness on a Disney Cruise! Remember the best thing to do is stay calm, take meds if needed and get a much needed nap. If you have other tips we would love to hear from you in the comment section below!

These are my suggestions on how to avoid motion sickness on a Disney Cruise because there is nothing worse than paying the premium for a Disney cruise and being seasick the whole time.