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A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room

A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room

Heading into space on the Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser and curious as to what your room will be like? Well, we are here to help! There are 3 types of rooms available on the Starcruiser, Standard Cabin, Galaxy Class Suite, and the Grand Captian’s Suite. Today we are focusing mostly on the one that we stayed in, a Standard Cabin.

Breakdown of Room Types

Now we are going to dig into the floorplans and specifics of each of the three room types on the Galactic Starcruiser. If you want to find out more on pricing you can read our article here.

Standard Cabin: Sleeps 4 to 5 passengers

For most this is the room you will stay in aboard the Galactic Starcruiser. Each Standard Cabin is fitted with a queen-size bed and double bunk, and fixtures designed to ensure comfort while traveling throughout the galaxy. This includes a pullout table and a TV with entertainment from your home planet and a window with a view out into space.

Galaxy Class Suite: Sleeps 4 passengers

A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room 4

If you need a little more room while aboard the Galactic Starcruiser you should look into the one-bedroom Galaxy Class Suite! It features a living space complete with an integrated seating area and has all the comforts of Standard Cabins plus a double vanity bathroom, bar area, 2 windows with views out into space, and a few extra Star Wars surprises.

Grand Captain’s Suite: Sleeps 8 Passengers

A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room 5

Hosting a family reunion in space? Splurge for a two-bedroom Grand Captain’s Suites as it offers ample room for the whole family and features a posh living space complete with an integrated seating area. A Grand Captain’s Suite has all the comforts of Standard Cabin plus a main suite with a double vanity bathroom, a second bathroom with a single vanity, a bar area, 3 windows with views out into space, and a few extra Star Wars surprises.

Amenties in Every Galactic Starcruiser Room

  • Mini refrigerator
  • Hair dryer
  • In-cabin safe
  • Phone with voicemail messaging
  • Interactive TV
  • H2O Plus® spa, bath and shower products

Pictures Inside a Standard Cabin

It’s no secret that the rooms aboard the Galactic Starcruiser are small. In fact, I would say that the room size is spot on to the amount of room that you get on a Disney Cruise. Does the small room size ruin your trip? Nope!

Just like when you are on a cruise at sea, you are so rarely in your room you won’t even notice how tiny it is. In fact I would say we spend more time in our cabin on a Disney Cruise than here aboard the Halcyon. If you are like wait, no I hang in my room all the time and plan to on this trip, then I highly suggest you think about skipping this experience. So much of what you are paying for is getting out of your room and being a part of the story. This is not your hotel if you want to hang out in the room.

A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room 6

Space Bunk Beds

The controversy was hot when they release images of these space bunk beds. But I promise while they look small in the pictures they are full size in person. While Disney has not confirmed, we suspect that each bunk has a twin XL mattress which is 80″ in length.

A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room 7

If you are worried about it fitting an adult, don’t worry they fit too. We had a tall guest (6′ 1″ for reference) and he slept comfortably with no issues in the bunks. I do recommend packing your own blankets if you do plan on utilizing the bunk beds.

A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room 8

The orange comforter you see above is like a sleeping bag style comforter that unzips. I thought it reminded me of the Beddy’s brand I have seen advertised a bunch on Instagram. It was the best in the galaxy and our bunk guests were very thankful to have a fleece blanket to use.

Window into Space

A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room 9

Every room on the Galactic Starcruiser has a window that looks out into space. The view out of your window does match what is happening up on the bridge. So if there is a mission going on and the ship jumps into hyperspeed then you see that in your room too! Or if the First Order is surrounding your ship you would see that out the window!

My favorite was at night when they had the special sightings of outside the viewport. When you are ready for bed, you can turn off the view port and curtain will shut over the window and the lights will power down as well.

I do agree with the sentiament that the window in the room falls flat. While I will say it looks better in person versus the pictures and video it still feels lacking. There is reflection in person and I just wish it looked more on par with the viewport in the bridge training room.


A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room 10

I am not going to lie I was very concerned with four adults and one tiny bathroom. Thankfully we all made it work even with my many costume changes throughout the day. You get one small sink and the hand soap and lotion are H20 brand and attached to the wall similar to what we have seen at other Disney World resorts.

A special gift for you to keep is the small metal tin on the counter. It comes with some makeup remover wipes and a bubble face mask! While it’s not yours to keep there is also a hair dryer for use below the sink.

Let’s move onto the shower, considering how tiny the whole room is you get a big shower. It is long and narrow shower, perfect to clean off after a long day of running ship missions. It has a rainshower head as well as a removable shower wand. Inside the shower there is a fixture that offers you shampoo, conditioner, and body gel.


A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room 11

Right next to the in room droid unit is your televsion. At first it seems hidden, but I promise it’s there. Our guests even were shocked the first evening when I was flipping on HGTV.

When you enter the room it displays your family name and a map of the jounery ahead throught space. If you like relaxing at night to space channels you watch back on Earth, don’t worry they are able to get those transmission up in space as well.

Video Tour of a Starcruiser Standard Cabin

Here is a video of our standard cabin. It walks you in from the entrance of the room and then throughout the various areas in the room, even giving you a look into the storage spaces.

In Room Droid D3-09

A Look Inside a Galactic Starcruiser Room 12

Something specail in your room aboard the Halcyon is your person in room assisant, D3-09. She is a special droid that helps you along the way on your journey. Including as soon as you arrive on the ship!

To activate the D3-09 Logistics Droid press the “Droid Link” button on the room’s control panel. Then you will be connected via video to D3-09 a droid with a unique perspective on the Halcyon. And don’t worry while you can see D3-09 she can’t see into your room, she can only hear you and we highly recommend having conversations with her every day you are onboard the ship.

On the same panel as D3-09 you can also find the rooms thermostat controls which sadly only goes down to 68 degrees. As well you can find your in room phone here too.

Conclusion on the Galactic Starcruiser Rooms

In total aboard the Halcyon there are only a 100 rooms, so it’s something special to get to be apart of a journey onbaord this ship. We loved that no matter where you were, inlcuding your room the story was carried with you. Elements like your window to space and D3-09 furthered the complex story aboard the Galactic Starcruiser. So while the rooms are small they made up for it in the special details.