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5 Creative Ways to Remember your Disney Vacation

5 Creative Ways to Remember your Disney Vacation

Some of my best memories are from vacations with friends and family at Disney World. I love to hold on to those memories and have found so many creative ways to remember your Disney vacation, I thought I would share some of them with you.

Put Together a Photo Book

Custom photo book of vacation pictures.

I used to be obsessed with putting together scrapbooks after our family vacations to Disney. Now with my crazy schedule, I have been in the habit of putting a custom photo book together. MixBook has been my favorite place to do so recently, but I have used Shutterfly a lot in the past as well. Shutterfly even has a few Disney templates if you want to make it themed! It’s great to have such a professional-looking piece to look back at and remember all those special vacation memories.

Mail a Magical Postcard Back Home

When I was a kid and visiting the parks every trip I sent postcards back home to my friends. It became a tradition that I carried on. The best tip I have though is to send a postcard back to yourself to keep as a souvenir. If you want to take your keepsake to the next level, fill up your postcard with signatures from your favorite characters. I think this is a great excuse to invest in the fantastic Pixar Postcard Set (I love hanging this up in my hall and at my work cube) or the Art of Disney Postcard Set.

Pressed Pennies

5 Creative Ways to Remember your Disney Vacation 1

The amount of pressed penny DIY out there on Pinterest is amazing! Collect pressed pennies and turn them into artwork, necklaces, bracelets and so much more. Best of all pressed pennies are an affordable souvenir option. We love putting on a collection in this adorable retro Disney penny holder. Plus if you find some of your pennies are a little dirty after you have pressed them I would check out this penny cleaner!

Personalized Christmas Ornament

Mickey and Minnie Wedding Ornament we had personalized with our wedding date. In addition they added some small heart details.

Our Christmas tree is filled with ornaments that commemorate a special memory. Just this past trip we got our first personalized Christmas ornament to commemorate our wedding. Mickey and Minnie’s Wedding Ornament was personalized with our wedding date. In addition, they added some small heart details. I loved how it turned out so much I think we will keep doing this for our milestone trips!

There are two places at Disney World that will personalize Disney Ornaments for you. The first is the Disney Days of Christmas store at Disney Springs and the second is Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at the Magic Kingdom.

Disney Pins

My mom and I created this collage of Disney pins after seeing something similar for sale inside the parks.

Pin trading has been popular for years at Disney but I bet you didn’t know there are lots of awesome ways you can display those pins once you get them home. Above is a homemade pin collage that I put together with my mom after she fell in love with one at the parks but wanted her own pins on display inside of it.

Other Ways to Remember Your Disney Trip

  • Get character autographs on a shirt, stuffed animal, or a photo frame matte to bring back home.
  • Save your theme park tickets as a memento.
  • Keep your Magicbands, not only for your next Disney vacation, but they also make great holiday ornaments.
  • Take a video throughout your trip so you can make a montage to remember the trip.
  • Do an animation class at Animal Kingdom and save your drawing.

What have you done to remember your vacation? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.