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Disney All Star Movies Resort Map

Disney All Star Movies Resort Map

The All-Star Movies Resort falls into Disney’s value lineup of hotels at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. Here is a look at the layout of the entire resort. Why do you want to look at a resort map when booking? While I am glad you asked! Use this map to help decide which building at All-Star Movies you may want to stay in. You can then submit a room request so you can get the best spot possible for your needs.

Toy Story rooms are one of the closest to the main building which is important if you want to get to the bus stop super fast and get going on your days in the park. Fantasia rooms are overlooking the resort’s main pool which may not be great for noise at night but it is helpful if your kiddos are known to be fish! 

All-Star Movies Resort Map

To download this map just right-click the image above, it’s nice and large so you can print it out and put inside your Disney planning binder