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Use eBates and Earn Extra Cash for your Disney Vacation

Use eBates and Earn Extra Cash for your Disney Vacation

What is Ebates?

A look at my eBates homepage. As you can see I have already earned over $400 just by shopping online using eBates! This is a great way to earn some extra cash for your Disney vacation.

Ebates is a giant FREE shopping portal that gives you cash back on all the purchases you make at your favorite stores. Sounds too good to be true? That’s what I thought too! To date however in a little over a year, I have managed to earn $427.95 largely in part to our Disney Cruise we booked last year.

With Ebates you can earn up to 40% cash back on your purchase, it varies by store, at over 2,000 different stores! Best of all Ebates is always adding mores stores and working on improving their cash back percentage. So, be sure to check their website often because your savings may increase. Alternatively, you can sign up for their emails and it will alert you when your favorite stores have bonus cash back.

Best of all, there is no hassle of dealing with redeeming coupons, points or any other hassle. Four times a year Ebates pays out your cash back balance! It’s as simple as that, no high minimum payout thresholds you will just get a check in the mail.

You may be wondering, can I still use coupons? YES! You can still use coupons and discounts as you normally would at any store with Ebates. Hard to say no to extra savings isn’t it?

Can you trust Ebates?

Yes! I have been using this well over a year and Ebates has always been prompt about payments and never had any major issues. To date, I have already earned over $400! One time my shopping trip didn’t automatically track but after emailing customer service, I was quickly able to get it fixed!

If you don’t want to take my word for it, you can take a look at their BBB rating, which is an A+. Ebates has also been featured on major news outlets like the Wall Street Journal, The Talk, and CBS!

Ways to Earn Extra Cash Using Ebates

When I booked my Disney Cruise last year I used Ebates and it saved me close to $300. This was a huge chunk of change that we were able to put towards things like upgraded meals and Port Canaveral parking fees.

Keep in mind that there is a delay in receiving your cash back checks from Ebates. You want to make sure you have the cash upfront before go ahead and adding extra elements to your vacation. For us, we had to wait about a month after our Disney Cruise to receive a credit for on purchase on Expedia through Ebates.

Expedia isn’t the only one that can help you save money when booking your next Disney World vacation. There are loads of other booking engines you can find on Ebates. You can also find companies like,,,, and so much more.

How to Sign Up for Ebates and Start Earning

Best of all signing up for Ebates is simple and easy. You just need an email address and a password, that’s it. No long forms that take forever to fill out, Ebates keeps it simple. If you are trying to come up with some new ways to get some extra cash for your Disney vacation and you already shop online, then Ebates is the perfect fit for you.

Remember this isn’t a job, you have to spend to make money. Obviously, you don’t want to go spending money on items that you don’t really need just to spend money. Ebates is just a simple tool you can add to your online shopping routine to help you earn some extra cash. The perfect tool to help you add some more money to that Disney Vacation savings fund!

Important Things to Remember about Ebates

  1. In order to earn cash back, you MUST first go to Ebates before you complete your purchase.
  2. Just because you have shopped at a store in the past with Ebates doesn’t mean you will earn rewards automatically. Visit EVERY time you want to make a purchase online.
  3. Check your account or email to ensure you earn your cash back after every purchase. Keep in mind some stores take longer to process versus other. On average I would give it about 24 hours but there are some exceptions that will take longer.
  4. Note, if you return an item or cancel a purchase you will lose the cashback you earned for the purchase.

Do you use Ebates? How much money have you been able to earn back so far? I would love to hear other success stories on how it helped them earn some cash for their Disney Vacation.


Step by step guide on how to use Ebates to save money for Disney, or any other vacation.




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